The IT Project

This summer Amber and I have the privilege of directing the IT Project – The Traveling Teams summer discipleship program.  We will be in Pasadena for June and July with students from all over the US.

When I was a freshman in college I thought there wasn’t much more I needed to learn in life. I had it all figured out. I planned to major in engineering, build things that didn’t collapse, and let the money just roll in. Little did I know, being an engineering student was difficult – I couldn’t imagine what being and actual engineer was like!

It was during that time of trying to figure out in life that someone invited me to join a “summer project” where I would learn more about God, God’s heart for the world, and how I can be involved. I thought that it was a pretty cool idea. Then my friend told me that this whole “summer project” was going to be in Los Angeles and that I would probably meet my wife there (glad I didn’t meet a girl then!) I decided to go to the IT Project!

I showed up for a few wrong reason (and a few right ones) and God used it nonetheless. During The Traveling Team’s seven-week summer project I learned how to study the Bible, grow in my faith and heart for the world. I even learned how to share my faith and engage in conversations with people from every major religion! The IT Project changed my life. Our goal each summer is to give students an education, experience and equipping. We aim to educate them in the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspects of missions, to give them face-to-face experiences with the major world religions and equip them in evangelism, discipleship and missions mobilization.

Not only did the IT Project change my life but it continues to change student’s lives every single year. Students just like me decide to go to the IT Project and IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. Just hear what a student from IT Project 2016 said:

“The IT Project has completely changed my future, short and long term. I want to be more intentional during my time left in school, with believers and nonbelievers. I hadn’t considered campus ministry and didn’t think I’d go overseas, but I want to look into both.”

God is moving in the lives of the students who are about to attend the IT Project. We ask that you would “pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers to the harvest” (Matt 9:37-38). Continue reading “The IT Project”

What is The Traveling Team?

The Traveling Team is an organization whose goal is to raise up the next 100,000 goers and senders among university students. We have a heart to see all the world reached with the good news of Jesus and we know that university students are a strategic group to make that happen. When we look at the world today we know that the church has the resources to spread the gospel, but not the challenge or motivation to do so! That’s why we exist.

How do we do it?

  1. Large Group Speaking
    • We present the biblical basis of missions to students and show that all throughout the Bible God has a heart for the world!
    • Examples being: Abraham (Gen. 12:3), David (1 Sam. 17:46), Psalms (46:10; 67:1-7), Prophets (Hab. 2:14; Daniel 3:29; Mal. 1:11), Jesus (Matt 28:19; Acts 1:8), Paul (Rom. 15:20-21), John (1 John 2:2), and Revelation (7:9).
  1. Challenge students to GO and SEND
    • We show that as followers of Jesus our responsibility is to go ourselves or help others go and take the gospel to the world (Rom. 10:14-15).
  1. Gather the interested students 
    • We help the interested students learn and grow more by equipping them with resources.
  1. Match with opportunity to GO and SEND
    • We take the interested students and match them individually with a Mission Agency to send them on a trip that summer or in the years to come. We also give students ways to start sending through prayer for the world or giving to others who are going.

Does it work? YES!

TTT summary graphic 2017-

What can you do? Partner!

  1. Pray
    • We need your prayers to go before us and enable us to do ministry. We need you to pray that the Lord would raise up workers for the harvest (Luke 10:2) through our mobilizing efforts.
    • Join our mailing list:
  1. Give
    • We are in charge of raising 100% of our funding needed to be on staff with The Traveling Team. That includes all overhead, ministry expenses and our personal salary.
    • We cannot do ministry without you!
    • Donate to our ministry here:
      • Click “Invest in the Vision”
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Tanner & Amber


The Story

Four short months is all it took for a boy from Arkansas and a girl from California to meet on a blind date, fall in love, and start their journey to become Mr. and Mrs.

Knowing the character, heart, and personalities of both Tanner and Amber, a mutual friend connected the two via text while Tanner was in California and encouraged them to meet.
Setting any hesitations aside, Amber and Tanner agreed to a blind date on April 2, 2016. That afternoon they both anxiously got out of their cars to meet one another for the first time. Upon seeing this California cutie, Tanner went in for a hug and stepped on Amber’s foot right off the bat.

And this is where the journey began!

Amber had no idea she would find a heart so deeply suited to hers in a guy from so far away, nor could Tanner have imagined a match more aligned with his desires than in the beauty he found in Amber.

How could this happen? Well, love happened!!! God intervened and gave these two the best gift of all: each other.

We’ve never been ones to like the phrase, “when you know, you know” – you know? But now we know that we know and we don’t know how we didn’t understand the phrase before.

We could give all the credit for this love story to things like deep conversations, good dating advice from friends and family, support from friends and family, reading books together or our freakishly good looks, but we think that all falls short.

The credit for all the knowing and all the loving comes from the one living inside both of us. The one who made the whole world and set all things into motion.

We want to give the glory to God for making this relationship happen. We want to thank Him for the grace he has shown us. We want the world to know that HE is sufficient for all – even for the love story of two people who didn’t know the other existed before the spring flowers bloomed.